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There are several factors that can make urine analysis a challenging task. Firstly, urine samples are prone to contamination and collecting a clean urine sample can be difficult. Furthermore, interpreting the results of a urine test requires a high level of expertise.

Overall, classic urine analysis can be a complex and challenging process, requiring careful attention to detail and a high level of expertise in order to be successful.

Thanks to our patented urine collector, we greatly improve the ease and cleanliness of the collection process. Our mobile app enables urine analysis at home, and gives you a range of interpretations and recommendations in a matter of seconds.


Underutilising urine analysis is a mistake with potentially harmful repercussions. Urine testing can identify a variety of illnesses. These disorders, if left untreated, can result in serious health issues that increase healthcare costs, need hospitalisation, or even result in death. 

It is impossible to overstate the value of urine analysis. It is a crucial tool for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to push for the greater use of urine analysis in healthcare systems and to educate the public about the advantages of this procedure. 


for better performance in sport.

Seasoned Athletes, as well as the ones who just started out in a sport should always be looking for ways to get better. The quest for athletic excellence calls for ongoing work and close attention to detail, whether it be through better training methods, improved diet, or wiser rest periods. Analyzing one's own urine is a frequently disregarded technique for raising performance, nevertheless.

Unveiling the Impact of Urine Analysis on Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

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1% dehydration
10% of muscle performance loss

Baptiste Mommer

The 1:10 ratio

Discover the 1:10 Ratio Impact on Dehydration and Efficiency. Stay ahead of the game by understanding this crucial factor.

Anh Huy Nguyen

Structuring your training

Urine analysis plays a crucial role in healthcare, offering a comprehensive perspective by delving into various elements that extend beyond the immediate moment.

Benoit Cailleteau

The Essential Role of Salt in Endurance Sports.


When it comes to endurance sports, salt is more than just a seasoning – it's a performance enhancer. Benoit Cailleteau, founder of Swiss Safe Collect.

The impact of lactic acid in elevating your athletic performance

Couple Jogging

Baptiste Mommer

Life is a marathon, and so is our quest to satisfy our passions.

At Swiss Safe Collect, we understand the challenge of reconciling your love of exercise with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So here's the secret to success: incorporating your passion into your daily routine can change everything.

Sunset Sports

The Role of
White Blood Cells
in Sports Training and the Risk of Injuries

Does it really matter if you drink enough?

Dehydration can harm the body in a number of ways. It may cause headaches, dizziness, muscles weakness, weariness, disorientation, and even cognitive impairment. 

Drinking Water at Gym

The risks of overtraining

It's critical to understand what overtraining includes, before exploring the connection between overtraining and urine analysis.

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Data is the future of healthcare.

Doctor Benoit Cailleteau, the creator of Swiss Safe Collect, shares his insights on the future significance of data in the healthcare sector.

Technology helps everyone

Let's face it, Technology allows us, today, to detect important things we couldn't before.

Urine is a treasure

Urine is a valuable resource that can offer valuable insights into an individual's health condition.




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