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myDOXA on the RTS show Basik : Urine Analysis Revolutionizes Training

In its Basik show on January 8, 2024, RTS journalists investigate products that aim to improve sports performance via monitoring tools. Manufactured by a Neuchâtel company, the DOXA Sport connected urine collector coupled with the myDOXA app are changing the game. This Swiss innovation, developed by a doctor, aims at making urine tests affordable and provide valuable information on training and performance, especially for those who practice intensive sport.

The DOXA Sport Connected Urine Collector and the myDOXA app: Transforming Urine Analysis into Valuable Information for Training

myDOXA was designed to make urine testing more accessible and meaningful than ever before. With the help of 14 biomarkers, this technology makes it possible to establish a complete state of fitness. Among these biomarkers, we can cite the quality of hydration and its evolution over time. This data provides valuable insight into overall fitness and recommendations for improvement, especially important for athletes pushing their bodies to extremes.

An Intuitive Application for Optimal Training Management

The myDOXA application, developed by Swiss Safe Collect, is an essential element of this innovation. It allows athletes to monitor the impact of their training in a practical and efficient way. The process is simple: Every morning, athletes take a urine test using the collector, and the myDOXA app guides the user through the process. The results obtained allow athletes to determine whether they are sufficiently hydrated, properly fueled, and to check that their training is appropriate.

Rémi Bonnet uses myDOXA to hydrate better: The key is to train as much as possible without getting injured. So it’s a tool that helps us not to exceed the limit

According to Rémi Bonnet, a renowned Swiss trail runner and ski mountaineer, one of the most significant benefits of myDOXA is that it helps athletes become more aware of their own bodies. Urine analysis becomes a way to monitor your training and recovery practices in an objective and proactive manner without falling into obsession. He particularly appreciates the hydration indicator which allows him to monitor the hydration state of his body and instantly correct his water and electrolyte consumption.

“It can help you know if you're drinking enough during the day or if you need to force yourself to drink. We see that when we are dehydrated, injuries happen quite quickly”

A Promising Future for DOXA Sport

DOXA Sport and the myDOXA app are a great example of how technology can improve athlete performance. This Swiss innovation allows athletes to take control of their training and recovery in a precise and practical way. With myDOXA, urine tracking becomes a valuable resource for maintaining adequate hydration and optimizing sports performance. While the Romande company stands out with this advancement, more than ten high-level Swiss athletes, including Rémi Bonnet, have already integrated myDOXA into their daily routine. It is important to note that unlike some wearable devices, myDOXA is not a "wearable," which means that it cannot be characterized as technologically doping. This ensures that athletes stay within the bounds of fair competition.

In conclusion, DOXA Sport and myDOXA are poised to revolutionize the way athletes manage their health. This innovation makes it possible to analyze urine efficiently, monitor fitness and stay in control of your own body. It offers a unique opportunity to maximize sporting performance while maintaining a responsible approach. myDOXA shows that technological progress can be a valuable ally for athletes concerned about their well-being.

A limited number of athletes can try to be among the first users in the pre-launch phase, a significant advantage for any competitor looking for a strategic advantage. Go to to register.

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