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Why is urinalyses underutilised ?

Since ancient times, different medical disorders have been identified using urine analysis as a diagnostic tool.

Analysing a person's urine is a quick and painless way to assess their health. Medical experts can identify a wide variety of illnesses by looking at the urine's composition. These ailments might include everything from renal disease and urinary tract infections to liver impairment and other metabolic problems. Because so few people are aware of its significance, urine analysis is underutilised. Most people don't think about going to the doctor until they are already showing signs of a sickness. Instead of performing urine analysis tests to identify underlying problems during such visits, medical professionals frequently concentrate on treating the symptoms.

Additionally, many people avoid taking the test altogether because they find urine analysis to be not practical or embarrassing. Other reasons why some people might be reluctant to take this exam include misunderstandings about how it works, which can induce worry and panic. Also, getting urine on hands is reluctant, everybody thinks urine is dirty. Since ancient times, all medical disorders have been identified using urine analysis as a diagnostic tool.

The expense is another reason why urine analysis is not used more frequently. At the 20th century, the urine has been replace by the blood analysis, the new technologies.

Underutilising urine analysis is a mistake with potentially harmful repercussions. Urine testing can identify a variety of illnesses, as was already mentioned, before symptoms. These disorders, if left untreated, can result in serious health issues that increase healthcare costs, need hospitalisation, or even result in death. It is impossible to overstate the value of urine analysis. It is a crucial tool for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Performing a urine test at home without coming in contact with the urine can enhance health prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses. Therefore, it is crucial to push for the greater use of urine analysis in healthcare systems and to educate the public about the advantages of this procedure.

Finally, urine testing is a reliable and non invasive diagnostic technique that has been underutilised for far too long. Its underuse can be attributed to a variety of factors, including ignorance, preconceptions, and expense. But one cannot overlook the advantages of this straightforward test. Early disease detection, prevention, and treatment can avoid death and lower medical expenses. Urine analysis must therefore be used more often and made available to everyone who needs it.

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Dr. Benoit Cailleteau

Founder of Swiss Safe Collect

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